Portraiture // Experimenting with Freelensing

 My love of experimenting with alternative photography and processes knows no bounds! Be it through film, digital, old cameras or after the image capture and into editing or printing - it's an absolute ball to see a beautiful and obscure image come together from a few whims of... hmmm I wonder what will happen if I do this?!

 Freelensing is a term and technique new to me, and mentioned by my friend Jimmy - with a strong suggestion that I give it a whirl. It took me a while, but I've had a blast trying it out on a couple of my most recent portraiture sessions. The concept of freelensing is to have the lens detached from the camera while photographing. You keep it close to the base of the camera, and with practice of moving it about you can create a pretty dreamy effect reminiscent of using a tilt-shift lens. While I love me some tilt-shift action, what I really like about the freelensing technique and what I think differentiates it from using a tilt-shift lens is that the effect is more about an overall painterly blur with small points of focus. It's like combining a bit of tilt-shift, a dash of movement blur and an overall look that reminds me of photographing during blue hour (my fave). I especially loved the odd ball light and color flares and beautiful bokeh.

 Here's an example from my most recent engagement session with Lauren & Sean. I'll have more examples when I blog their session later on, along with a couple images from a recent maternity session that I photographed.

First Wedding of the Season + Double Exposure Love

 Yesterday was the start to my 2015 season of lovely weddings! Couldn't have asked for better weather, or a better couple! It's quite fun when I also get to incorporate my love for experimenting with alternative photography. Here's one of my favorite double exposure images of Sarah & Chris, silhouetted in the tree they were married under. *Swoon*
 Looking forward to posting more of this lovely wedding in the near future.

Wedding on the Creek - Ipswich, Massachusetts // Jaime & Anoff


This wedding warms my heart from start to finish. Jaime and Anoff chose to wed in an intimate backyard ceremony, on the banks of a salt water creek in Ipswich, Massachusetts. The beautiful old farmhouse belongs to Anoff’s grandmother, and it’s where he spent his youth, along with his sibling and cousins, exploring and playing around the beautiful grounds. Almost every detail of the whole day was put together and crafted by the couple and their families.

Location //  Private Residence in Ipswich, Massachusetts & The Fenn School in Concord, Massachusetts
Catering // Will Huntress
DJ // Max Baun - http://www.czonemusic.com/