Backyard New England Wedding // Emily & Steve


 Happy to share this lovely backyard wedding! Emily and I grew up right around the corner from each other in our small hometown - rode the same school bus, and even performed in high school musicals together. How awesome it was to then photograph her lovely wedding, and to see so many wonderful familiar faces! 

 Both Steve and Emily work together at the wonderful Northampton Brewery, where Steve is a brewer (amazing beer!). Right away meeting Steve you can tell that he is a truly special soul! He is also a musician with The Longview Gunslingers - and showed his talent by singing to Emily during their first dance. It was such a wonderful moment! Last thing I'll mention, because I thought it was such a genius idea - for their guestbook, Emily and Steve chose a beautiful Van Gough art book. Guests could sign around the gorgeous paintings. #genius

Location //  Private Residence in western Massachusetts
Cake Artist //  Montana Strossi
Catering // Jake's Restaurant - Northampton, Massachusetts -