Do you travel?

Yes! I love to travel, and fees will be kept as reasonable as possible. In most cases this will include airfare, hotel accommodations and a rental car. Though in some cases there may be no additional fees if it lines up with other planned adventures.  

How do we book you?

Please get in touch for an in depth guide of fees and information. Wedding bookings start with a 50% retainer to reserve your date, with the remaining balance due two weeks before the wedding date. 

Film or Digital?

Both! I'm a huge fan of film and will use it throughout the wedding day or portrait session. Some of my old vintage cameras may make an appearance from time to time as well.  

How do you approach documenting the day?

I photograph most of the day in a documentary and editorial style - focusing on a mix of details and candids to really tell the story of the day. The rest of the day is photographed in a fine art style, with the creative portraits and landscapes. My approach is relaxed, unobtrusive and most importantly - unforced, which I feel makes for the best possible images. 

How long will it take to receive the final gallery of images?

I will always share some sneak peeks within a few days of the wedding, and the full final gallery of images most often will take between six to eight weeks to complete.

Will you edit the final images?

Yes, I personally edit each and every image, and in-line with the work you see in my portfolio.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, definitely. Insurance is a must for liability and equipment coverage.